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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Photographer of the week – Adam Parker

Model : Marijn

Why did you become a photographer? 
I think when I was about 5 years old. I can remember closing my eyes and leaving the scene imprinted in my imagination. I realise now that I was actually taking photographs. Later on in life I was scouted to become a model. This got me seriously interested in photography, so I went to college and took it from there. I think for some people creating images is something you have to do - I'm not sure if you have much of a choice really. I'm just grateful I've been able to make a career from it for so long.

What/who is your inspiration?
I'm inspired by all sorts of things. I think creativity and ideas come from parts of the mind that are hard to trace. That sounds a bit vague so if I had to say now I've been looking at a lot of 17th century paintings and how the old masters used light. Also, the Pre-Raphaelites. There are some terrific photographers as well working in this country now like Nadav Kander, Nick Knight and Tim Walker.

The best thing you have photographed?
When I was at college, I photographed a girl picking flowers unaware of the camera. Then I photographed two swans together making heart shapes with their necks. When I went to change the film, I realised I'd not loaded the camera properly. But, maybe I remember them better, than I would if they had been recorded. Personal images are always going to figure highly. Professionally I love shooting the relationship between a model and a location.

Any exciting work coming up?   
I've just had a triple exhibition in Budapest that I want to bring to London. I've also been doing seminars on photography and creativity. We want to do a larger one early next year. There's also a few commercial shoots booked in the UK and a project in Oman and Abu Dhabi planned for January. I think the most exciting, is an idea I had for a new exhibition. I'll have to do it though before I talk about it.

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