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Friday, 21 December 2012

Healthy Christmas Alternatives by Sam Crilly

So it's nearly Christmas, which means it's time for; family, presents, games, trashy films and food. As we all know, Christmas tends to revolve around over-indulging. But don’t worry, here are some solutions and exciting alternatives to help you with portion control and how to choose the best options.

Moderation is the key in keeping a healthy diet throughout your life. So here are a few tips to use at Christmas and carry all the way through to the new year and afterwards. Only put out some of the available food, so people don’t over serve themselves. Then add to this when needed. Use a smaller plate. We all like to see a full plate, so go for a smaller plate, it will trick your brain into thinking you have more. Pile your plate high with lots of fresh vegetables first; this is the most nutritious part of the meal. Clear the table as soon as everyone has finished eating rather than sitting and picking at leftovers when you’re already full.

Here are a few healthier decisions you can make when cooking your meal. Keep vegetables as close to raw as possible. Don’t overcook them as they are at their most nutritious when raw, use spices and herbs to flavour vegetables. Trim as much fat as possible from meat before cooking meats with lemon juice (alone or mixed with garlic and herbs.) Where possible, BBQ or grill the meat instead of roasting it, or roast it on a rack Make a fresh fruit salad and serve with natural yogurt for a healthy desert idea. Use wholegrain breads for stuffing.

Top tip
The main aim is to enjoy your family and friends and of course HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS. 

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