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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Have a Healthy, Heart-Warming Valentine's Day by Sam Crilly

So the time has come where love is in the air. Fancy doing something special this year? Here are a few ideas to help you spread the love.

Indoor Picnic 
Fancy a night in with a twist? Spend your Valentine’s Day dinner enjoying an indoor picnic. You could go back to basics and make super sandwiches with thick cut wholemeal bread, with lots of salad and lean protein such as chicken or fish. Lots of fresh fruit, yogurts and nuts alongside. Don’t forget the bubbly.

Roller Skating
Why not go old school by taking your date roller-skating instead. The roller rink makes for an awesome date. You can hang out in the arcade, buy your date some candy, and get cosy for a couple's skate. It also a fab way to exercise and really get a sweat on.

Right so camping has always been kind of romantic but "glamping" (glamorous camping) takes it to a new level. Pitch a tent in the back garden or even the bedroom, whip up a batch of s’mores, light up the fireplace (on DVD) and get all cosy in that sleeping bag. You’ll reap the benefits of the fresh air and why not bring some healthy nibbles to? For example low fat hummus with crudities such as veggie sticks or wholemeal pita.

Going Back To a Traditional Evening?
Fancy a traditional valentines home cooked meal? The classic country of love is Italy, so why not go Italian? Get a posh table cloth, a few candles and most importantly food. Luckily Italian food can be made quite healthy without so much fuss. So why not try simple bruschetta with plum tomatoes’, olive and fresh basil for starters. Then go for something simple tomato and vegetable based dishes like spaghetti Napoli bolognaise, or penne in tomato and basil made with whole-wheat pasta of course. Or you could even make your own pizzas using a wholemeal base (found in health food stores, or supermarkets) and chuck on plenty of veg, lean meat such as chicken and little low fat cheese. For desert, try sorbets with fresh fruit or low fat natural yogurt with strawberries.

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