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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Photographer of the week- Sophia Kahlenberg

Model : Cindy

Why did you become a photographer? 
I was always a little daydreamer and found myself observing. Observing what surrounded me, the way people behaved somehow drew my attention from when I was young. There wasn't a particular moment that made me realize that I should become a photographer. When I was a teenager I came across Paolo Roversi's portrait of Natalia Vodianova, and that was when the way I looked at images changed.

What/who is your inspiration?
I draw inspiration from a lot of different things. There are photographers who’s work I enjoy a lot, for example Tim Walker, Paolo Roversi, Mert & Marcus or Nirrimi. The people I meet, especially the ones I could have a conversation with for hours without realizing time has passed. Music I listen to, words I'm reading, feelings, I use all of these inspirations in my shoots.

The best thing you have photographed?
There were so many exciting shoots happening throughout the last year since I started shooting fashion. I probably need to pick parts from every single shoot and describe them as "the best thing". I'm so thankful to be allowed to work with such talented teams, and I guess it's crucial to appreciate every shoot; to learn from it and to built on it. Looking at the next question, one of the most exciting editorials I shot was the one I did in Bangkok last December.

Any exciting work coming up?   
I'm currently working on new moodboards, as well as editorials for magazines. And as it is not  cold anymore I'm  looking forward to shooting on location again real soon.

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