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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Mini Guide to a Healthy Easter by Sam Crilly

It's Easter and a weekend tradition of eating chocolate. We all dismiss chocolate as a big no no, but tucking into the right kind and right amount is surprisingly nutritious. 

Did you know...  
Both milk and dark chocolate contain potassium, phosphorus and copper. Milk is a source of calcium, iodine and vitamin’s B2,B3 and B12 which all help with vital bodily functions. A recent review published in the British medical journal found chocolate lovers were 37% less likely to suffer with cardio vascular disease and 29% less likely to have a stroke compared with those who ate little. 

Want more good news?..
Cocoa is one of the main ingredients of chocolate and it has been found that it helps lower cholestral,and improved insulin resitance,which is important for helping to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes and it’s also found that cocoa can help keep the skin smooth and hydrated. 

Before you dive in...
Remember! It’s all in moderation, chocolate is still high in fat, so as long as you eating it as a treat and go for the healthier type it should be fine. 

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