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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Photographer of the week - Simon Winnall

Model : Betty

Why did you become a photographer? 
My mother is a very talented photographer, so I was surrounded by cameras from a very young age. One of my most powerful childhood memories is watching slides of family adventures being projected onto a screen in a dark room.

I studied photography at college, then after a brief 5 year diversion working as a graphic designer, I meandered back to shooting full time. It’s a wonderful career; I'm blessed to enjoy my work so much..

What/who is your inspiration?
I think the constant desire to create new images inspires me to keep shooting. I'm always thinking about the next shoot. There are some wonderful photographers working today and seeing amazing work does push me to work harder. On a practical level, I grow up in the countryside, and we could watch the sun set over a valley from our family home, I'm sure this directly influenced by preference now to shoot outside in golden dusk light.

The best thing you have photographed?
Not sure what’s the best thing I've shot, but the images I look on most fondly are where we had most fun creating.  A recent shoot called road trip in my projects gallery was a fun day.

Any exciting work coming up?   
I'm just about to leave for a week in Barcelona shooting for a sports brand, which sounds a wonderful campaign. Like many photographers, I'm always thinking of personal projects to work on, I've been looking at some amazing caves deep under South Wales to shoot in my next work in.

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