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Friday, 22 November 2013

Must Watch, Must Read - Shivani

Favourite Film : The Lord of The Rings 
(All 3 but mostly Two Towers) is everything I could ever want in a film. I'm a nerd I know. It's fantasy, it's funny, it's sad. He created a whole new world, well, worlds. I like movies that take me somewhere different. I like movies that teach me something, and movies where I can see character development. This movie has all of those things. The story is beyond brilliant, interesting and mesmerizing! I think the story at the core is about power, and how it can effect people's personalities, actions etc. What's also amazing about LOTR is the detail included in all of these different worlds, like the languages he created and the specific cultures between say; the elves and the hobbits. Also, Orlando Bloom with a bow and arrow doesn't hurt.

Favourite Book : Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (1959) 
I'm very picky with books. But this book in my eyes is flawless. It's a story that follows a mentally challenged man through his journal entries. Essentially, an experiment is done on a rat which drastically improves his mental capabilities. When this experiment is then tried on the man, he improves drastically (you can tell through his journal entries). It follows him through his journey of life, love, curiosity and adventure. It's amazing because the journal entries are written the way he would write it. In the beginning there are spelling errors, no punctuation, exactly the way someone who struggles with mental capabilities may write it. It's beautiful to see how his writing improves as his life improves. The climax is when the rat starts deteriorating and eventually dies. What happens to the man?

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