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Monday, 17 March 2014

Model Playlist - Bruna

Model: Bruna

1) Hopes and Dreams – Wiz Khalifa
This always puts me in the mood to go out and make things happen.

2) Dumb – Nirvana
I feel that this song is about being yourself and not to care about what others think. It's impossible not to love Nirvana.

3) View From Heaven – Yellowcard
When one of my best friends passed away, I felt like this song was made for her. It brings me good memories of our time together. 

4) Still Got It  – Tyga ft. Drake

I know all the lyrics by heart, about relationships and their ups and downs.

5) Waggy – Blink 182 
My favourite band, love all of their songs. It's difficult to pick one but I like when Mark sings.

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