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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Photographer of The Week - Gertruda Varnaite

Models: Daisy D, Kimi, Sandra Martin.

Why did you become a photographer? 
I’ve always been keen on visual expression and the media platform. What caught me the most is the stillness of photography. For me, it’s about constructing an image, one I visualise and want to achieve.

What/who is your inspiration? 
Daily inspirations may differ but it’s a continual process - my office is filled with notes, reminders, prints, books - all to keep me thinking and inspired on an everyday basis.
Photographers Paolo Roversi and designer Alexander McQueen inspire me. 
One can never confuse the image of Paolo Roversi, his signature style is outstandingly authentic not to mention the precise lighting techniques he uses. What fascinates me is the theatrical concept of his image – they’re relatable images that make you think. 
Alexander McQueen has been my main source of inspiration for many years. I look at his work as an art collector I guess - it’s uniqueness, personality. The specific way he portrayed women and the attention to the silhouette, it’s all work of an extremely fine artist. 

The best thing you have photographed? 
I don’t think I have the one best thing. It’s all about the different people and characters they assume. The best thing is when I find a model who I can work continuously with for various projects. Magical things can be achieved when there’s a relationship and comfort between the photographer and the model. 

Any exciting work coming up? 
Yes. I have a personal editorial in the upcoming weeks at the Mallett gallery, London. It’s an absolutely unique and breath-taking location and we’ll be shooting high couture brands such as Chanel. Hair will be done by Stelios Chondros who works with photographer Tim Walker. 
I try to do as many personal projects as I can. It’s always exiting when you’re materialising your idea.


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